In a nutshell, as soon as I hit 30 I started getting acne which had a major impact on my confidence especially considering I’m a beauty youtuber and makeup artist, I mean I can’t exactly stop wearing makeup! I was a pro at covering it up but it didn’t stop me dreading certain lighting – for example in some lighting you could really see that the skin wasn’t smooth and had a bumpy texture due to a sudden breakout of spots. I hated that, it just made me feel uncomfortable and not wanting to really go out that much. Anyway, I started getting skin peels at Kaya and it worked wonders on my skin, my spots gradually stopped appearing. I’ll do a separate blog soon about the skin peels as I think this treatment alone deserves it considering how it helped my acne phase.

Once my acne was under control I was left with acne scars. Basically, little dips on the surface of the skin where I had bad acne breakouts. This also has an impact on your confidence because when you wear foundation, the acne scars are even more visible. So after SO MUCH research I finally decided to go for PRP. Again, you can read all about what PRP is and how it works on my first PRP blog post – link above.

There are a lot of clinics in Dubai and it can be extremely overwhelming – I mean all you have to do it take a drive down Al Wasl road or Jumeirah Beach road and you’ll know what I mean. It was difficult for me to find the right clinic. It’s a combination of the clinic and doctor that are important to me. I’ve been in many clinics in Dubai that are just awful inside, dull, grey and just too clinic-y. It sounds minor however when you go in to have facial treatments you want to feel comfortable as well. Even more important are the doctors. These guys are the ones that perform the magic so it’s so important that you are comfortable and trust the doctor.

When I heard about Kaya I got in touch to arrange a skin consultation at the Marina branch (at that time I was living nearby to Marina) and explained to the doctor what my concern was. For the first time ever, this doctor looked at my skin in a way no other doctor has. He thoroughly examined my skin. He explained exactly what was going on with my skin and one of the things he said was that wearing makeup was one of factors involved in why I was breaking out. But what I really appreciated was that he straight away said to me ‘I know you can’t stop wearing makeup because of your job so lets try and get it back on track as much as we can’. He understood my career and took that into account to give me the best realistic advice and skin programme he could. Kaya skin clinic has literally changed my life when it comes to my skin. I didn’t think anyone could rectify my skin concerns. I recommend all my bridal clients to this clinic so I genuinely love them. I now go to the Barsha Heights clinic because it’s closer to me. The Kaya clinics are so modern and I love the interior – I actually don’t mind spending hours in there! The doctors are not just there to perform botox every hour. They genuinely listen to your and understand your skin, personality and lifestyle.

I hope this gives you an insight into why I am a huge supporter of Kaya skin clinic!