The Foaming peeling ‘perfect’ puff

Probably the best ‘at home’ skin treatment I’ve come across in a while. The celebrity favourite STARSKIN Glowstar Foaming Peeling Perfection Puff (I know the name is a mouth full!) helps to exfoliate skin and buff away dead skin cells. It also helps your skin to penetrate skincare products better after use. The puff is infused with natural Alpha Hydroxy Acids (Click here to read about exactly what this means!) and carrot and broccoli extracts to help eliminate dead skin cells and impurities without irritating the skin.


  1. Open the sachet and sprinkle a few drops of water into the sachet.
  2. Massage the puff from the outside of the sachet with your fingers.
  3. Ensure your face is clean and moist then start scrubbing your face with the puff focusing on the forehead and around the nose area. 2-3 minutes should be enough.
  4. Rinse face with water and dry.

The great thing about this puff is that you can re-use it a few times! Just keep it in the sachet or hang to dry.

Available from Sephora stores and priced at 39AED.