To be honest…this is something we all know we need but we don’t prioritize it as much as we should. Sunscreen should be up there with lip balm and face wash as your daily application. I’ve found it so hard to find the right sunscreen because it’s either too greasy which in turn leaves a nasty finish that my makeup will definitely slide off of or it makes my skin break out.

The clinic I go to for all my skin concerns is Kaya skin clinic and they also do a Kaya skin product range. I tried out the Ultralight Aquagel Sunscreen for oily/acne prone skin and it’s the only product i’ve found that ticks every box when it comes to sunscreen and skin concerns. The fact it’s made by expert dermatologists is also a good sign! It doesn’t leave my skin greasy and actually helps prevent any acne breakouts as well as treat any current breakouts you may have.

You can purchase this at any Kaya skin clinic and don’t forget that while you’re there you can also get a skin consultation to help clear your skin like I did!