I’m already a huge fan of the STARSKIN masks so I was excited when I received this collection of three professional strength Vitamin C face sheet masks. The masks are different to their usual simple mask sheets. These are packed with ash freeze-dried 75% Vitamin C crystals and an Activator Serum to deliver a nutri-boost for the skin.

It’s basically a power smoothie for healthy, glowing skin! Each JuiceLab Power C+ Booster Mask comes with a shot of Activator Serum, a highly nutritive juice serum infused with antioxidant-rich berries and nutritive leafy greens, sprouts, lentils and extra Vitamin C. It’s almost like having a juice bar at home but for your skin!

How to use: Pour the Activator Serum into the mask so that the mask can soak it all up. Place the mask on the face and leave on for 15 minutes. 
Remove and massage the face so that your skin can absorb the leftover serum.

So far I’ve tried the Holy Kale mask and I love it. My skin was much brighter after and although it didn’t mention anything about pores, I felt my pores were less visible. I love how you know exactly what’s gone into these masks. It feels like they’ve taken organic to whole new level!

The three masks available are as follows:

TWIST + SPROUT – Balancing and inner calm

RAZZLE DAZZLE – Hydrating and refreshing

HOLY KALE – Brightening and energizing


STARSKIN JuiceLab_Twist & SproutSTARSKIN JuiceLab_Razzle DazzleSTARSKIN JuiceLab_Holy Kale!

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