I’m not one to get facials at all. Honestly, I think the standard facials you get in spa’s are just a glorified way of applying your skincare. It’s just another person massaging creams into your face. But I love facial ‘treatments’ at specialist skin clinics or dermatologists. I tried out the Hydra Facial last week and I already can’t wait till my next session. I’ve been seeing Dr Maha from Kaya Skin clinic recently and I’m so happy with her recommendations for my skin. She understands my career and how difficult it is to take time out just for my skin to recuperate after intense treatments so she’s recommending treatments that have little downtime but highly effective for my skin concerns. She also understands that I have to wear makeup due to my career so she’s not asking me to do things that just won’t work, like ‘wear less makeup’!

Dr Maha has started me on Hydra Facials to thoroughly clean my skin. Hydra Facials are basically about cleansing, extracting and hydrating. The result is not just squeaky clean skin…it’s brighter, clearer, tightened pores, smoother and even skin tone. And that’s after just one session. The whole process of a Hydra Facial is broken down into several steps.

Firstly they start by removing all your makeup and cleansing your skin manually before using Micro Dermabrasion to remove dead skin cells. Then they use Aqua Cleansing which is like a mini water hoover that pulls out any dirt and infuses Lactic Acid into the skin to brighten the skin. The technician also spends a while manually extracting any blackheads etc. Next comes an infusion of Hyaluronic Acid to rejuvenate and plump the skin followed by Blue Light (which I love!) that kills any bacteria and tightens pores. They also used a device that I can’t remember the name of but it helps to lift the skin – you can see the full video of my treatment on my Instagram highlights under ‘SKIN’. It’s finished with a mask to infuse the skin with moisture.

The whole treatment is non invasive and quite relaxing. If you’re thinking of having a standard facial then opt for this instead – it’s the best option for clean and clear skin.