Being a makeup artist means that skincare is so important to me. Makeup does wonders to enhance a persons features but it works even better when you’re working on great skin. Part of my job entails bringing you guys regular tutorials and product reviews so I wear makeup pretty much every day (I love it when I schedule in an admin day like today where I just give my skin a rest!) however as soon as I’m home the first thing I do is take my makeup off and get started with my skin care routine. I think everyone is so critical of their own skin (including me) and as much as people tell me I have great skin I always wonder what it is they’re seeing that I’m not! I mean I take care of my skin very well but I have skin wishes of my own too, like visibly smoother skin, no acne scarring and even skin tone. I put just as much effort into looking after my skin as I do with creating amazing makeup looks. So I thought I’d share my own skin routine which hopefully will help any of you that also wear makeup on a regular basis. Before I start I thought I’d let you know my skin type; I have ever so slightly sensitive skin yet I break out (obviously due to wearing makeup so often) and also have combination skin so my T-Zone becomes slightly oily later in the day and my cheeks are slightly dehydrated. I’ve listed my skin routine which are all the products I’m currently using.


STEP 1: I wash my face with Kiehls Calendula Deep Cleansing face wash and I use the Foreo Luna 3 deep cleansing facial brush with it to thoroughly cleanse my skin. I let my skin air dry. basically I don’t use a towel and just let it dry naturally – this avoids any bacteria touching my skin. The Calendula cleanser washes away impurities but doesn’t strip the skin of moisture.

STEP 2: I apply my eye cream. I use the Dermalogica Biolumin-C eye serum which is a brightening Vitamin C serum and helps to brighten and firm the skin around the eye area.

STEP 2: Once my skin is dry I apply Skinoren cream to my skin. Skinoren has been a skin savior for me after my dermatologist recommended it to help with my breakouts. Skinoren is a 20% Azelaic Acid which helps to kill bacteria under the skin (perfect for those under the skin bumps).

STEP 3: I now apply my Sturm Darker skin tones face cream which I’ve been using for around a month and love how it adapts to my skin. I find some moisturizers can disturb your skin and can usually tell within a week if it suits my skin.

STEP 4: I apply one drop of Huda Beauty Get Even face oil to my cheekbones and chin area. I’ve been using this for around a week and so far it’s been totally fine on my skin. I was hesitant in using an oil because I generally stay away from face oils but after hearing and seeing the results on others I wanted to try it. It helps to even skin tone and acne scarring. They recommend to use 2 drops but only use 1 drop as I apply it to targeted areas.

STEP 5: Now I apply my primer which currently is the MILK Hydro Grip Primer. I love how it literally grips hold of the makeup and stays in place all day.


STEP 1: If I’ve been wearing makeup during the day then I first remove my makeup with the Kielhls Calendula herbal extract toner and cotton pads. It helps to remove my makeup and also doesn’t strip my skin and is great for sensitive skin.

STEP 2: I wash my face with the Kiehls Blue Herbal Cleanser (I use my Foreo for this too) and the reason I use a different cleanser at night is this particular one helps to thoroughly clean my pores, removes dirt, oil and residue to keep skin clear of blemishes. So it’s perfect after a day of wearing makeup as it gives it that extra cleanse it needs. I again, let my face air dry before the next step.

STEP 3: I get comfy on the sofa and put on my Biodash rejuvenating skin mask which is basically a device that offers LED light therapy; Blue light to kill bacteria for acne prone skin, Red light to stimulate skin cells for collagen production, smooth and firm skin and then the Orange light which is detoxing for skin rejuvenation. You use one light for 3-4 weeks then you can change to another light although you shouldn’t mix the lights, so stick to one light color for a period of 3-4 weeks. The Biodash is rechargeable and is like wearing a face shield. You wear it for 20 minutes a day.

STEP 4: I now apply my Retinol serum. I use the Ordinary 1% Retinol in Squalane which I’ve been using for a few weeks. I love the results; visibly smoother skin, even skin tone and reduced pore size. It’s important to wait for 30 minutes before applying your next skin product.

STEP 5: I apply my Huda Beauty Get Even face oil onto the same areas as the morning.

STEP 6: I lastly apply my Dermalogica Biolumin-C eye serum around the contour of my eye area. I pat this in and give myself a little eye massage with a tapping movement.


Once a week I use the Sturm Enzyme Cleanser and I usually replace my morning wash with this however I don’t use the Foreo with this as it’s a powder cleanser meaning you put a little of the powder in the palm of your hand and then add some water. It lathers up and you just wash your face with your hands. This deeply yet gently exfoliates my skin and helps to remove dead skin cells.

I hope this helps!