You guys know I’ve been having PRP sessions at Kaya for a while now so I wanted to keep you up to date with where I am with my treatment. I’ve recently had my 3rd session and even though I write a blog for each session the results are not necessarily the same each time which is why I think it’s important to give you an insight into each treatment and results. I like to wait a couple of weeks after the treatment so that I can give a thorough review of what the results are like after each treatment. There’s no point me writing up a blog post just after my treatment when I can’t really give you an honest breakdown of what my results are like. So, here it is…my review after my 3rd session of PRP. If you want to read about what PRP is then head to my first PRP blog post here

So as usual, my appointment involved me having the numbing cream applied and waiting around until my face was…well, numb. The doctor analyzed my skin like she usually does at the beginning of each treatment. Mainly so she can see how my skin has improved and where she feels she needs to focus on more. She then takes my blood so they can get it ready to inject into my skin. She focuses on the parts of my skin where my acne scars are still attempting to heal. Some acne scars can be quite tough to heal but I can tell that another few treatments should do the trick.

It’s been two weeks since I had my treatment now and I can see that my skin texture has improved greatly compared to the results of my first treatment. After each treatment my skin texture seems to be getting better and better. The pores are minimized, less obvious and my skin seems smoother. Usually the doctor injects some of the blood to my under eye area as I suffer from hollow under eyes but I gave that a miss on this treatment – only because I wanted her to use it all on my existing scars.

I’ve had numerous people ask me about my skin and what I’ve been using and since my skincare regime has stayed the same and having PRP is the only new thing I’ve introduced into my skin care…it has to be this! When I suffered from acne and even after when I’ve been dealing with the acne scars, I never used highlighter because as soon as you use highlighter, it makes all your flaws visible in the skin. If you have acne scarring then stay away from highlighter! This is the first time I’ve been able to use highlighter and that’s saying something!

I’m due for my 4th treatment soon so I’ll give you my final overall thoughts on the whole treatment programme after that. If you have any questions about acne scarring or whether this treatment is right for you don’t hesitate in getting in touch!