Firstly, if you haven’t read my first session blog then head over here to have a quick read because I explain exactly what PRP is and who needs it. I have my sessions at Kaya Skin Clinic in Al Barsha and my doctor is Dr Rosanna. She is super sweet and honest and won’t just do what you ask – she will give you her honest opinion on if you need certain treatments. The clinic itself is probably the nicest looking and cleanest clinic I’ve seen. It’s so modern and slick – I find the surroundings are also so important when having treatments done. It doesn’t have that boring and dull ‘clinic’ feel to it.

HOW DID MY SECOND TREATMENT GO? I knew what to expect this time so I wasn’t as nervous as my first appointment. The doctor analyzed my skin thoroughly to see how it had improved from my first session. She said it was much smoother and my pores had minimized quite a lot (this is something I noticed myself too but I always feel it’s better when someone else tells you!). The nurse then applied the anesthetic cream all over my face and we left it on for around 20 minutes until basically I couldn’t feel my face lol! Then the doctor drew my blood and then took it away to centrifuge it. Once it was ready the doctor then started injecting it into certain areas of my face; visible acne scars, under eye area and this time we also injected it into my lips to give natural fullness.

WHAT WERE THE RESULTS LIKE? Again, the results are not immediate and initially my face was a little ‘plump’ as it takes time for the blood to distribute evenly – I’d say by the next day the excessive plumpness had gone. After a week or so my results were even better than the first session and since my skin has only been looking better and better each day. My acne scars are definitely less visible and my skin is so much smoother and healthy looking.

I still have another session to go so I’m excited to update you!