I’ve been using La Prairie skincare for the last year and to say it’s transformed my skin is an understatement. Having previously used the Caviar collection it’s improved the texture and feel of my skin drastically. I recently started using the Absolute Filler morning and night and I’ve given it a few months before deciding to write a review about the results. What I’ve felt it’s done for my skin is just what I was looking for. My skin is more plump, lines are less obvious and I generally feel like my skin has regained the lost collagen and elasticity that you lose with age and gained more structure and definition. I usually judge my skin based on how it looks when I wake up and then again end of day after I’ve taken my makeup off. If your skin is looking dull, lacking volume, aged and not as firm as it used to be then I would highly recommend this to be added into your skincare regime.

What’s inside? The Absolute Filler contains highly concentrated caviar oil and caviar proteins, the two most powerful ingredients found in caviar. They deliver rich nutrients and moisture to the skin and stimulate collagen formation which helps to increase volume and density. The formula is also blended with brown algae and peony root extracts which helps smooth skin’s texture and increase elasticity.

What does feel like and how much do I apply? 
The cream has a light but sufficient bouncy texture that absorbs easily into the skin and doesn’t leave an oily residue. The way the dispenser has been designed works perfectly in sync with what your skin needs. It releases the perfect amount for your face with one single press. I honestly feel this is the best designed bottle I’ve seen. The lid flips open and closes easily.

All in all this is another favorite from La Prairie that has fit into my skin care regime perfectly leaving me very happy with the results.