For the past year I’ve been pretty consistent with working out and eating at a calorie deficit although I’ll be honest, when there are guests over from abroad I hit the pause button and pick up right where I left off once they’ve left. Oh and I can’t forget the two month break I took when I got my new puppy Nico. The break wasn’t planned at all, I just didn’t realize how much Nico would take over my life so my diet and fitness went straight out the window. However, as usual, I got straight back onto the diet and picked a sport that could keep me fit and not take up too much of my day so I chose cycling and I’m loving it. I’ve lost a good amount of weight but as anyone who has been on a weight loss journey will know, you generally shrink in size but your shape stays the same – you don’t really lose the fat in the areas you want to lose it. This is where I decided to do my research and find a treatment that could give me a helping hand in shifting some stubborn fat where I just couldn’t lose it no matter what I did. I read about Coolsculpting which is non invasive and non surgical and reduces stubborn fat or visible fat bulges in all those areas that I know most women will know about; love handles, upper arm fat, bra fat, back fat and so on.

I got in touch with Kaya skin clinic which is the only clinic I trust in Dubai as I’ve been going there for years and trust their knowledge and expertise. I initially had a consultation so they could explain what is involved with the treatment and what to expect as well as taking a look at my body so they knew exactly where I would need the treatment. They measured me around the waist and my love handles (or flanks) and explained I’d need one session on the stomach area and one session on a separate occasion on the flank area. They also made it clear that after 3 months I would see the best results and they could then see if I needed a further session on each area. I’d like to quickly add that this isn’t something you get done if you’re planning on sitting around like couch potato doing zero cardio/weights and eating whatever you like. It’s recommended that you stay active and eat healthy for best results.

Here’s what happened on my first session for the flanks area – I cleared my schedule as they needed to run Coolsculpting on four areas around the flanks which meant a total of around 4 hours (1 hour each area). They applied a gel patch (looks just like the gel sheet masks for the face) to the first area on the upper flank area on one side and then applied the Coolsculpting applicator which kind of looks like an old fashioned vacuum with a nozzle attached. It’s then attached on top of the gel sheet and switched on so the the suction keeps it in place. For around 10 minutes it feels cold, tingly, some pulling and tugging, then it goes completely numb until the nurse switches it off and removes it. The nurse then gives you a deep massage on the area which is the only part of the entire procedure which is uncomfortable yet bearable. Then she moves on the next area and repeats until all four areas are done. By the end of the treatment you just feel a bit sore on the areas but it’s hardly anything and you can easily carry on with your day as usual. I went back in a few weeks later to get the stomach area done and the exact same procedure was carried out.

Results so far? Its only been around a month so I still have another two months to go to see what the results are like and I’ll make sure I do another blog post to keep you up to date. For the first 4 weeks after the treatment the areas you’ve had it done feel numb and sometimes a bit itchy but nothing you can’t handle. You also look a little bloated which is down to the inflammation (which is a good thing!).

What does Coolsculpting do? It freezes and kills the fat cells in the area of concern. The process accurately controls a cooling effect on the fat cells underneath the skin. The fat cells are then crystallised, broken down, and then your body naturally eliminates these dead cells over time. The procedure can reduce the treated fat layer by as much as 25%! Your body goes through a fat flushing process where it eliminates the broken down fat over time naturally. I’m honestly really excited to see the results so I’m going to keep cycling and doing my thing until we reach that 3 month mark and I can then tell you what’s happened to my body since!

If you are thinking of trying Coolsculpting then you can always head into any Kaya branch and have a chat with the staff to see if it’s something that’s right for your own fat loss journey. The staff are super helpful and you’re always in good hands with Kaya!