I’ve recently seen changes in my skin but it’s now back on track so I wanted to share with you how I’ve done this. I travel a lot every year from February to August due to work. I’m so thankful and feel so blessed to be able to travel and do makeup for clients all over the world but it can play havoc on my skin! My last trip of the year was in August and it really messed with my skin. I came back home and found that my skin was de-hydrated, congested with small pimples and looked quite dry especially after makeup application. So I got back in my routine when it comes to healthy eating and drinking lot’s of water but this wasn’t enough.

I needed to clear my spots but also not strip the moisture as it was already lacking moisture so I started with a product called SUKIN Sensitive Pink clay mask that was sent to me through a PR agent. It sounded good and I researched the ingredients; all natural which made it better. It’s helped clear up my spots at the same time as hydrating it and keeping my skin soothed. It gently extracts impurities whilst the Aloe Vera and Chamomile keep skin soothed and hydrated!