Ok so I have had botox before but only ever on my crows feel area and never on my forehead. I’ll be honest, I’ve been a bit hesitant to get it done on the forehead because a) I’ve heard horror stories and b) I just never felt I needed it there.

Over the last 6 months i’ve noticed I have a very very fine line on my forehead (it’s usually more obvious when I wear makeup as the foundation sits in the line) so it started to bug me and lead me to ask my dermatologist about it. Well turns out I wasn’t exactly right in thinking I don’t need it yet. Dr Maha (my dermatologist at Kaya Skin clinic) explained that you shouldn’t wait until you see the fine lines and wrinkles, you need to combat the problem before it even shows up. Basically, if you wait until the fine lines appear or until they become wrinkles then the Botox can’t work as well as it would if your lines are not as visible.

I decided to go for it and it’s been around 3 weeks now. In week 1 I felt a little stiffness around the forehead area but it didn’t look any different…this only lasted a couple of days. In week 2 I noticed the difference. My fine line is non existent and I feel like my brows are a very very slightly lifted which is a good thing. It’s strange how I didn’t actually think there would be much of a difference which there isn’t really but the results make you look younger without it looking like you’ve had something obvious done.

So, if you’re thinking of waiting until those fine lines appear then think twice!