Because of my profession as a makeup artist, skincare is so important to me! I wear a lot of makeup sometimes, especially when I’m filming tutorials and testing out new products so it can really take it’s toll on my skin. I’ll be honest, when I hear people saying they don’t use face washes and just ‘cleanse’ their skin with a cream etc I can’t help but feel shocked. There is so much that your skin goes through in just one day. Putting aside the makeup you may wear, there’s pollution, dust, bacteria etc. Yes, as you can probably already tell I’m OCD when it comes to keeping clean – I’m that girl that never touches door handles and opens doors with my elbow or foot! But that’s not why I’m so passionate about ensuring my skin is clean at the end of every day. I have previously suffered with acne and it surprisingly only hit me when I entered my 30’s. It’s awful and really affects your confidence – even worse when your job is to show off makeup looks on your own face!
For a long time my skincare routine would consist of wiping all my makeup off with a cleanser followed by washing my face with a foaming face wash and then a light exfoliator to really get the dirt off finished with my 3 step skincare; eye cream, face serum and moisturizer. This worked well for me, however I then came across the FOREO FACIAL CLEANSING BRUSH. I’ve tried other facial cleansing brushes before (even the Clarisonic) and I didn’t like them because they were not ‘fuss free’ and it didn’t last well. The Foreo is by far the best one on the market and for good reason. It vibrates to cleanse your skin thoroughly. Here are my reasons based on the fact I’ve tried most of them:
  • Silicone bristles mean it resists bacteria build up
  • It’s one product meaning there are no heads to buy separately
  • 8000 transdermal sonic pulsations per minute that delivers the deepest clean possible whilst still being gentle on your skin
  • One side of the Foreo Luna is designed to assist in anti-aging with lower frequency pulsations that help fine lines
  • Completely waterproof! You can use it in the shower with no problem
  • You charge it once and it gives you around 450 uses!
  • Removes up to 99.5% of dirt and oil
This literally has become the most important part of my skincare regime and it’s improved my skin drastically from what it was like before. If you suffer from acne, congested skin or any type of skin problem, you can correct it by just looking after yourself. It’s obviously not just about topical care but also what you put into your body however if you can start by getting yourself into a skincare routine and the rest will follow.