So I recently decided to have a thread lift because I was starting to feel like I needed some lifting around the cheek area but mainly because I wanted to give my skin that extra collagen boost. I had eight threads done in total (four on each side) and this was done by my only choice of clinic which is Kaya Skin Clinic in Dubai. Before we dive into how the procedure was I need to make it clear that I wouldn’t trust anyone other than Kaya Skin clinic because they’ve been my clinic of choice for years, the doctors are some of the best in their field with extensive years of experience and I applaud the clinic for how well and seamlessly they have adapted to Covid. The precautions they have put in place are so safe and immediately make you feel at ease when you enter the clinic. They check your temperature before you enter, every staff member is wearing a mask with overalls and gloves, there is social distancing in waiting rooms and the treatment rooms are cleaned and disinfected thoroughly before each customer enters. Getting back to the actual procedure; it wasn’t a painful experience but it was just a little uncomfortable. I don’t want to get too technical about threads because I know not many people actually understand what it does and how the procedure goes so I’m going to keep it real simple to understand.

What is it? Threads are a medical grade thread that actually relaxes tendons and muscles which in turn help to improve blood flow thus stimulating collagen production.

How many would you need? This all depends on the amount of lifting you want or what the doctor recommends based on the results you are after.

Does it hurt? It doesn’t hurt but it just feels a little uncomfortable. You can feel a bit of tugging but it’s painless.

What’s the recovery time? You can more or less get back to work immediately. There is no downtime and I personally didn’t experience any immediate swelling.

When do you see results? You see results immediately as you can see how your face is more lifted but the results get better with time when the collagen starts production. You see that your face is more contoured, tight and less saggy.

How long does it last? It can last up to a year or even longer.

Is it worth it? I would 100% recommend the treatment but only at Kaya skin clinic as this is where I have experience from and am so happy with the results.