Becca have released their LIPTUITIVE GLOW GLOSS. I’m not really sure if it will take off but I like the idea of it. Based on the description, the formula reacts to the chemistry and moisture levels of your lips, intuitively turning into a bespoke Pink just for you. The gloss has Avocado Oil, Vitamin E and Shea Butter and after trying it it really does feel amazing on your lips. I loved how considering it is a gloss, it didn’t feel sticky on the lips. I quite liked the Pink that developed on my lips however I don’t really wear gloss too often so I would have preferred a slightly toned down version which wasn’t as glossy…more like a balm lets say. I like the fact that the gloss will look different on every skin tone but I’m not sure everyone will like the fact that it’s a gloss. I do also feel that you need to reapply more often with this if you want to keep that naturally Pink finish.

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