I recently attended a private dinner and cooking masterclass which was hosted by Alejandro Bataller of SHA Wellness Institute. The SHA Wellness Institute offers an experience rather than a spa, clinic or resort type of feel. It’s philosophy is a new perspective on health. It’s about your eating your way to good health and a long life. Sitting with views of the Mediterranean Sea it’s not just a place to detox but also somewhere that offers a relaxed atmosphere as well.

Upon arriving we got straight to work in the kitchen with the chefs as they explained what dishes we would be making for starters, mains and dessert. I learnt about ingredients that I had heard of but never really knew how and when to use. For example I learnt that the best sugar substitute is Organic Agave Syrup – however it must be organic! I remember back in the day when you didn’t have to opt for organic because most of the food in stores was organic anyway. Now it’s a completely difference story – If you don’t opt for organic then who knows what’s in what you are buying.

When we made our way to the private dining area, Alejandro explained how our eating habits have evolved and what it’s really doing to us. To say I was shocked is an understatement. The average human life expectancy is around 120-135 years and in todays day and age the average life span is around 70 years old. So in actual fact, we have cut our life expectancy by 45%. A big part of this cut is due to life habits and what we eat. We don’t look after our bodies as much as we should.

There’s still so much that I have to read up on about this and the SHA Wellness Institute is definitely a place I want to visit to really experience the way we should be eating and treating ourselves. In the meantime I would highly recommend the SHA Wellness book that gives an astounding insight into our eating habits and what it’s doing to us.