I am beyond excited to tell you guys that our MINK LASH COLLECTION has now launched in retail stores! Bobby and I have been silently working in the background to get this off the ground!

We are now available in the following stores:

Retail chains like Bloomingdales and Harvey Nichols are stores that I have always thought as being high end luxury so to have our products on display in these stores is a dream come true. When you work so hard creating something you hope people will like it and having brands like Bloomingdales, Harvey Nichols and Ounass think my brand fits in well with theirs is just just a humbling and blessed feeling.

If you didn’t already know, Bobby is my husband but also my business partner; he’s the Managing Director and I’m the Creative Director…so he is a big part of my brand, but he prefers to stay in the background when it comes to social media etc.

Launching The Mink Collection Lashes was a dream come true in itself as for the past 2 years we’ve been working away to ensure our debut product was perfect in every way. Having an OCD husband came in pretty handy for this! We launched our lashes in June 2018 and within 3 months we’re now in retail stores – I honestly didn’t think we’d be in stores this quickly.

We have been so hands on with our branding and products. I took 2 years to design the actual lashes because I was going back and forth using them on my loyal clients and taking feedback then redesigning certain aspects of the lash. I wanted comfortable lashes that brought something new to the table. I’ve used so many leading lash brands and there was always something missing from each one, either the band was too thick and uncomfortable, the inner corner poked my eye too much, they felt too heavy on the lid etc. So I wanted to eradicate all these issues and create lashes for real women from the woman who doesn’t like wearing makeup to the full glam insta gal.

So how are my lashes different to other lashes?

  • I have created lashes that give the illusion of specific eye makeup looks without having to wear eye makeup with them. For example, ‘Savanna’ gives a full smokey eye look, ‘Anya’ gives a corner smoke look, ‘Sienna, gives a feline liner look.
  • The band is flexible and comfortable.
  • I created a ‘barely there’ lash for the woman who doesn’t like the obvious lash look and just wants an enhancement of her natural lash.
  • I don’t always like wearing eye makeup but I always want lashes on so I designed some of the lashes so that theres no need for ANY eye makeup with them. You can just pop them on and go.

I feel super blessed at the moment and theres still so much we have to achieve but I can’t wait to keep you updated with what’s next!