Out with the old and in with the new! One of my favorite brands; Make Up For Ever has launched something every Makeup Artist is going to want in their kit. You may have used or still use their Camouflage palette which consists of five different cream shades to conceal and correct blemishes or flaws on the skin. Well to be honest I didn’t use these palettes much and I think it was because even as a makeup artist I didn’t feel I needed to use so many shades when correcting. The only shades I tend to use are green and orange and that’s only if I really feel the need for them depending on the face I’m working on. I also wasn’t too keen on the palette design – it felt too plastic to me and didn’t fit in with the rest of MUFE products I use and love.

Well, they are discontinuing this palette! Usually discontinue products we all love but this is the first time I’m glad they are getting rid of this one. They are replacing it with their new UNDERPAINTING PALETTES! The palette are now in line with the rest of their packaging which is so sleek and professional! Having tried them I honestly feel I’ll use these on much more of a regular basis with clients and each shade within the palettes looks and feels usable compared to the old ones.