I know gloss is back but I still love a matte lip. SMASHBOX launched their first liquid lipstick that I personally feel is the most pigmented I’ve ever come across. Firstly, I absolutely LOVED the amazing collection they sent over! What I really loved was the fact that every color is wearable. I can’t be the only one who sometimes thinks to myself when looking at a lip collection; ‘why would they release shades that are just not wearable’. Well, it was refreshing to see that every shade was different yet shades that I haven’t seen around for a while. For example, sometimes I feel pinks are too pink and browns are too brown and I wish there was the perfect shade in between for tanned skin.

The texture of the Smashbox Liquid Matte is rich and thick meaning you get immediate color and pigment in one swipe. I know we’ve all made our fair share of comments of which leading liquid matte lipstick dry your lips and which smell awful but these ones have ticked all the boxes for me. I’m not one to rave and shout about how great a liquid lipstick is just because it’s endorsed by or created by leading bloggers or make up artists. I’d rather be honest about the product itself. And trust me when I say there are some leading liquid matte lipsticks that I feel dry your lips out and/or give your lips a nasty wrinkled look.

The Smashbox Liquid Lipsticks glide on like velvet and the pigment is amazing! I would highly recommend these! My favorite three are Bawse, Thrill Seeker and Shockoholic.