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Tweezerman Make Up Belt!

On my last visit to London I carried out one of my Make Up Masterclasses which a huge success and I had some amazing sponsors on board, one of which was Tweezerman. They gave us some great goodies for the raffle and were sweet enough to send me a gift to try out. A lot of people don’t realise that Tweezerman have a much wider variety of products than just tweezers! Make up brushes, eyelash curlers, cuticle clippers, nail files and make up brushes. The make up brushes are so soft and a good variety to work on all aspects of the face. In Dubai you can purchase Tweezerman from Faces in Mall Of The Emirates and in most salons. For some reason the website for ‘Faces’ doesn’t work which is why I didn’t add in the link. If you’re in the UK then you can purchase Tweezerman by clicking here.

I received a compact make up belt which included eyelash curlers, eyelash curler rubber replacements, tweezers, magnified portable mirror, brow mousse and some make up brushes. The eyelash curlers are great as they have a rubber ridge which gives the lashes a nice curl rather than a dent like some lash curlers give.

BEAUTY TIP: Once you’ve positioned your lash curlers, carry out a pumping action squeezing your lashes. Don’t just squeeze and hold as this will give you a dent in the lashes instead of a smooth curl.

What I love about this belt is its perfect for when I’m either on set for touch ups or with a bride all day and need to keep just the essentials on me. The belt is in a black canvas so its easy to clean too.