If you’re looking for a place that ticks every box then this is it. By every box I mean tasty (and healthy) food, great service and major instagram worthy surroundings. This place is the perfect place for a girly catch up! Tania’s Teahouse is a quirky little cafe/restaurant on Jumeirah Beach Road. I visited Tania’s Teahouse with a friend to catch up and see what all the fuss is about. It’s difficult to find a well rounded place that’s casual as well as perfect for your Instagram feed so I was pleasantly surprised and even though I’m not a fan of Pink I’d go back for sure if I want to catch up with friends.

Decor – Before you even walk in you’re prepared with subtle splashes of pale Pink in the front garden area. Once you’re inside it almost feels like you’re in a perfectly Pink retro kitchen but you totally don’t mind hanging out there because it’s just so pretty.

Ambience – Ok so I didn’t see a single guy inside so it’s safe to say this place is more likely to appeal to the ladies. This certainly isn’t where I’d bring my husband…although I know he’d love the food. It’s just a really cool place to hang out with friends and feels really chilled out.

Food – The food is delicious. Since I visited I’ve seen other dishes on their instagram page and kind of wish I ordered more of a variety. I missed out on ordering the late with a dollar sign sprinkled on top with chocolate! I had the guacamole on toast with boiled egg. It actually was meant to be some kind of paleo toast but I asked if they could replace it with toasted Brioche instead (it was delish!). I also wish I went for the pancakes because they looked soooo good but I was tight on time by dessert so just ordered the chocolate cake in a mug which was amazing.

Service – The service was great, I liked the fact that the staff seemed like they had tried every dish which always feels more authentic when you ask about the menu.

Instagram rating – It’s perfect for Instagram! So many good parts of this place you can use…I almost feel like you need to take more than one outfit to make the most out of it! It’s definitely a place to take pictures of your food.

Tania's Teahouse Jumeirah Dubai
Tania’s Teahouse Dubai – Nina Ubhi Blog
Tania’s Teahouse Dubai – Nina Ubhi Blog
Tania's Teahouse - Upstairs 1
Tania’s Teahouse Dubai – Nina Ubhi Blog
Guac on Brioche toast with eggs at Tania’s Teahouse Dubai – Nina Ubhi Blog
Chocolate Mug Cake at Tania’s Teahouse Dubai – Nina Ubhi Blog
At Tania’s Teahouse Dubai – Nina Ubhi Blog