When I first received the Shiseido Synchro Skin self-refreshing lightweight foundation I honestly thought ‘here we go, another foundation’ BUT and this is a big but…this foundation not only proved me wrong, but it’s one of my favorite everyday foundations now. Out of all of the small testers that were sent, my shade turned out to be ‘Citrine’ which actually wasn’t the full size bottle they sent. Turns out I needed a warmer shade than what they (the PR team) had picked out for me.

Shiseido state that the foundation is medium coverage which is buildable – and it is. I’m pretty surprised at how buildable it is without needing too many layers. One application gives you great coverage without the need for concealer and two coats gives you amazing full coverage. It feels so lightweight on the skin and lets your skin breath so it doesn’t feel suffocated with too much product. The color also stays true to skin tone and doesn’t change after a while which seems to be an issue with some foundations. This makes your skin look good! It definitely looks fresh all day so however they’ve managed to do that it works!

They also sent over the foundation kabuki brush and it has to be one of the best foundation applicators I’ve used. It buffs in the foundation so well without leaving streaks or brush marks and doesn’t absorb too much of the product.

If you try this foundation, you honestly won’t regret it.