The Fenty Beauty Eaze Drop skin tint is something you NEED in your makeup bag if you want your skin to still look like skin! I recently tried it on a model for my YouTube channel and I’ve been hooked ever since. It gives a veil of color to your skin with an even finish yet it doesn’t look like you’re actually wearing any foundation. Granted, it’s called a skin tint and not a foundation but it’s exactly what you need if you don’t like the ‘overdone’ look. If you still need a little extra coverage then you can easily pair it up with a good concealer. My personal favourite technique to use the Eaze Drop is to apply concealer on the under eyes and anywhere you need it then finish with this skin tint so that you have coverage on all the areas you need it but your skin isn’t then overloaded with a foundation which adds more coverage. This is also the best option if you have mature skin and need a little helping hand with coverage but don’t want it to sit in the line. You can thank me later!