I wasn’t sure if I’d like this foundation because I don’t usually go for ‘glow’ foundations. I prefer matte foundations. I was pleasantly surprised with the Laura Mercier Lumiere Foundation. My shade is SUNTAN and although it looked darker than what I needed it actually blended into my skin really well. What you need to remember is that if you wear concealer (which I do) it should be a little lighter or brighter than your skin tone so depending on how much concealer you put on, you need your foundation to be a little warmer so it balances out the overall skin tone you’re creating with concealer and foundation.

I like the Lumiere foundation for chilled days, days that I’m not as fussed about looking so ‘done’ up. It’s more of a daytime foundation that fits into your routine nicely and is fuss free.

Application – It’s best applied with a sponge and although I usually use a damp sponge, I think you can use this with either dry or damp. If you want more coverage then use a dry sponge. Laura Mercier have launched a new Flawless Finish Makeup Sponge and its shaped to glide around the contours of the face perfectly.

Coverage – You will get medium coverage with this foundation which is why I think (if you like full coverage for special events) that you’d prefer this for daytime like me. You can build up the coverage but I wouldn’t recommend layering it up too much; due to the radiant finish it gives I feel like less is more with these type of foundations.

Setting – The Lumiere foundation sets perfectly with the Laura Mercier setting powder. I would recommend using a puff to press into the under eyes then dust off. Although if you’re not too fussed about setting your under eyes (and you have no dark circles!) then you can just press the powder in with a brush. I always press the powder in rather then swipe.

Finish – This foundation is actually good for your skin. It’s infused with ingredients to help your skin improve over time such as Vitamin C. Throughout the day skin looks smooth, radiant and generally looks like healthy skin rather than a mask. Your skin is hydrated throughout the wear of this foundation and you can really feel it.

Wear – It lasts really well and it claims to last for 15 hours. I’ve worn it all day and not sure if I’ve got to 15 hours but I liked the finish even at the end of the day.