I’m quite OCD when it comes to skin care. I don’t care how late it is, I will always without fail remove all my make up and follow my skincare routine single every night. I usually just use my face wash to remove my make up and also cleanse my face followed my skin care routine. Like most women I get spots which doesn’t help when a big part of my job is wearing make up! Over the last few weeks I have been using the FOREO LUNA 2. Let me tell you a bit about it before I give you my verdict.


FOREO’s LUNA 2’s newly optimized design offers numerous areas of innovation, including:

1.    A good-sized brush head enables more efficient cleansing.

2.    Long touch points allow for flexibility when making contact with the skin, extending their reach to all facial contours to deeply cleanse pores.

3.    Powerful Motor + 12 Adjustable Pulsations Intensities for an Enhanced T-Sonic™ Cleansing and Anti-Aging System means the LUNA™ 2’s 8,000 T-Sonic™ pulsations per minute dislodge more impurities from the pores while its lower-frequency pulsations provide more effective anti-aging.

4.    Thick Silicone Body means the LUNA™ 2 is plush, smooth and soft, making it a delight to hold and use while also dampening the noise of the motor for a more relaxing skin care ritual.

5.    4 New Brushes Specific to Skin Type – “Sensitive”, “Normal”, “Combination” and “Oily” models are each designed to meet a specific type of skin by strategically positioning thinner touch-points to cleanse sensitive skin and thicker touch-points for stronger cleansing.

6.    T-Sonic™ cleanse that will remove 99.5% of dirt and oil (based on clinical trials) plus makeup residue.

7.   The LUNA 2 clears away dead skin cells which in turn means your skin care products are more effective on your skin.

My Verdict

I’ve been using the LUNA 2 for a few weeks and being very thorough in my make up removal and cleansing process I didn’t think it could get much better. Since using the LUNA 2 my skin has become much clearer, which I’m putting down to the fact it’s obviously cleaning my skin thoroughly. I love the fact that I can use it in the shower and that once charged it lasts around 7 months before the need to charge it again. What I love about the LUNA 2 is it’s actually relaxing. The vibrations not only clean your skin but also relax your face which is just what you need first thing in the morning and last thing at night. It basically does all the work for you as the single pauses in vibrations let you know when to move to the next area of your face to avoid over cleansing. When it pauses 3 times consecutively then you’re ready to flip the LUNA 2 around to start using the ridged side for anti-ageing.

The LUNA 2 has firmly earnt its place in my daily skin care regime and it’s going to stay!

The FOREO range is available at Harvey Nichols in Dubai and UK.


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