Ok I know some of you will be rolling your eyes and thinking ‘why would you wear makeup to the gym?!’ or ‘oh, your that girl that wears makeup to the gym’ but we don’t want those judgy eyes here so if you’re one of the lucky few who wear zero makeup to the gym then quit reading now and head to my food or travel section of the blog 🙂

I’ll be honest, sometimes I end up at the gym with a full face on because I’ve gone straight from work so I don’t have time to ‘undress my face’ just to go to the gym. However, on some days I’m at home working from home so haven’t had makeup on all day so when it comes to gym time I really don’t feel comfortable going with absolutely no makeup…and I don’t think I’m alone here.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t need a full glam for the gym but I do need a little extra help for my under eyes. Most of the concealers I use are medium to full coverage and can look a bit obvious when used on it’s own with no foundation and powder.

I came across the Marc Jacobs Accomplice Concealerrecently and I’ll be honest, it was sitting in my ‘to review’ tray for quite some time because I didn’t think it would do much in terms of coverage. I thought this because it was in a cream stick form and well, I guess I was being judgy. I was in a rush to get to the gym so I grabbed it to quickly add a bit of coverage around my eye area and oh my god was I impressed! This is such an easy concealer to use. You just draw a few army stripes on your under eye area and buff in with a brush or use your beauty blender. There’s no need for powder and it melts into the skin. My shade is Medium – it’s a beautiful golden shade that doesn’t look too bright against my natural skin color.

Marc Jacobs Accomplice concealer in Tan – Nina Ubhi beauty blog
Marc Jacobs Accomplice concealer in Medium – Nina Ubhi beauty blog
Marc Jacobs Accomplice concealer in Medium swatches – Nina Ubhi beauty blog