It’s actually amazing how many people suffer from thinning hair or are losing hair. I started the KETO diet in March this year and I’ve since lost over 5 kg – yes it’s amazing and I LOVE the results and Keto has literally become a lifestyle for me. BUT and thats a big but… there is a side effect to this diet and that’s hair loss. Basically, because the Keto diet means you are eating high fat, medium protein and low carb, this means that you don’t get all the minerals and vitamins your body needs which in turn makes a difference with things like hair regrowth cycle etc.

I’m not going bald (thank god) but I have noticed my hair isn’t as thick as it was and the amount that’s shedding in the shower is far more than usual which is pretty scary. Now I knew that you could take supplements for this but I wasn’t sure which ones I needed and it can be quite overwhelming when you start shopping for supplements as you’re not sure which minerals and vitamins that you may be lacking.

I went to who I trust most when it comes to skin, hair and anything body related and that’s Kaya Skin Clinic. They recently started offering Hair solutions so it was perfect timing for me so I made a consultation appointment to see what it is I’m lacking in my diet. The doctor carried out a scalp heath check which I think everyone should have! It’s amazing what it shows you. You see each hair follicle on the screen while the doctor uses a camera to glide around your scalp so that they can see what the growth is like. Some areas have several hair follicles and some areas have not as many which show slow growth or dead/dry hair follicles. This tells the doctor what is really going on with your hair. For me it was a lack of Biotin and Collagen. The consultation gave me so much information and made it much clearer in terms of whats going on with my hair.

I opted to try out supplements and the doctor can give you various options to help. The doctor can either prescribe meds for whatever the issue is or you can start one of the hair therapy sessions at Kaya such as PRP or Mesotherapy.