So yesterday I had my first session of skin peeling with Dr Mohamed Gharib, a professional Dermatologist at Kaya Skin Clinic (Marina Branch). My consultation which was around a week ago, was so informative. Dr Gharib made me feel so comfortable about the whole procedure which is why I went ahead with his recommendation of skin peeling and mesotherapy. At the consultation he asked me what my concerns were regarding my skin to which I explained how due to having to wear make up so often because of my career, my skin sometimes breaks out with mild acne. I also told him how I’m unhappy with the hollowness and darkness around my eye area. Even after having just one consultation, it was so invaluable. Dr Gharib made me understand what’s going on with my skin and why. It all makes so much sense now, meaning I can do as much as I can within my control to help my skin improve. I don’t want to bombard you with too much text so please follow my YouTube channel where I will be uploading the final journey of my experience of Skin Peeling and Mesotheraphy once I’ve completed all four sessions. I’ll also be posting on my blog after each session so I can really give you my full experience.

So to break it down for you…

Problem 1: Mild acne, especially around jawline

Recommended solution: Skin Detox + Peel x4 sessions

Problem 2: Hollowness and darkness around eyes

Recommended solution: Mesotherapy x4 sessions + filler at 4th session

SESSION ONE I’ve been sick for the last few days and thankfully I felt well enough to go out yesterday afternoon. So luckily I made it for my first session of skin peeling and mesotherapy at the Kaya Skin Clinic. Firstly, the staff at Kaya Skin Clinic are so professional and they made the whole process so much easier and secondly they have a branch in Marina which is so close to me! Skin Peel: So I arrived with zero make up on and settled down in the treatment room. The nurse started by firstly explaining the process and then cleansing my face to remove any residue. Then comes the high frequency Accura machine that is glided across my skin manually by the nurse, continuously for around 10 minutes; this calms any inflammation and reduces the size of spots. She then started the skin detox by extracting any open comedones. Once the skin is cleansed, Dr Gharib applies the skin peel treatment over my face and it’s left on for a few minutes. There’s a slight tingling sensation but nothing too uncomfortable. The skin peel treatment is removed by spraying cold water onto the face and pressing it off with a thick towel/gauze followed by some ice over the skin to cool it down. After this my skin felt totally normal and after an hour or so a little tight. I’ve been told my skin may feel dry and tight which it has but it’s not peeling like you assume it would be by the sound of the name. Mesotherapy: The nurse applied numbing cream to my under eyes and eyelids. After leaving it on for 20 minutes Dr Gharib then removed the cream and started injecting vitamins into the skin around the eyes. It didn’t hurt at all, thankfully due to the numbing cream.

If you’re looking for a relaxing and soothing facial type experience then this isn’t it. But it’s also not uncomfortable. It’s a treatment to help clear up your skin and I love the fact I already feel it working. It’s only been a day and I’m looking forward to my next session. Each session of the skin peel needs to be 15 days apart and the mesotherapy needs to be every week.

I hope my experience has helped you understand skin peeling and mesotherapy a little better and don’t forget to keep posted on my snapchat: Nina_Ubhi and Instagram: @NinaUbhi

To book a consultation with Dr Gharib contact Kaya Skin Clinic on +971 4 4508438.

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