Hey guys! So I’m now on my 3rd session of skin peel at Kaya Skin Clinic. I’ve also been having Mesotherapy under the eyes. I wanted to let you know how my skin is feeling since my first session and I’ll also blog after I’ve finished my treatments.

I’ve always had a misunderstanding of skin peels; I assumed my skin would peel horrifically stopping me from continuing with daily life. I know….I was being a bit dramatic. It’s actually nothing like that. My skin feels so much better! It’s much smoother and has helped to clear my skin congestion which was caused with wearing make up too frequently, but hey…it’s what my entire career is based on, so it’s pretty hard not to wear it. It’s not just about going for skin peels, it’s about where you go and which dermatologist you have. I’ve been having my sessions at Kaya Skin Clinic with Dr Gharib and I feel totally relaxed with him. Even when I ask question after question, he stops what he’s doing and gives me a full explanation to ensure I understand. The process isn’t painful at all and in fact is quite relaxing. I have to make sure that I don’t have anything planned after as you can’t wear make up until the next day so I always book evening sessions. If you feel your skin is bumpy, congested and you suffer from mild acne then this treatment is perfect for you.