Highlighters are not necessarily for everyone. If you have perfectly smooth skin with no open pores and bumps then lets face it, you’re the perfect candidate. But lets also face the fact that we don’t all have perfect skin. As a make up artist, it’s my job to know where to apply highlighters on each specific face that won’t end up highlighting their flaws. Unfortunately, highlighters can end up enhancing flaws depending on where you apply it. If your skin is bumpy, spotty or has open pores, then the sheen pigments of highlighters can enhance all these issues that you ideally want to disguise. I generally pick the areas that have the smoothest surface. If your upper cheekbones are bumpy or spotty then try adding a little highlighter to the balls of your cheeks instead.

You don’t have to just highlight your face. If you want to achieve a glowing finish then pick the best spots to enhance around your neck area too. Here are my ‘go to’ areas if I’m working on someone who doesn’t necessarily have the smoothest of skin. I don’t cover the entire area, instead I use a very small amount of highlighter, whether cream or powder to give a subtle sheen to a small part of the area. I find using a stipple brush is the best option as it dusts on just the right amount.

  • Tip of nose
  • Tip of the chin
  • Balls of the cheeks
  • Collar bone
  • Top of shoulders