I’ve just released a video on ‘how to hide flaws’ and I know the conversation on social media has been ongoing about embracing your flaws, and I’m all for that. However, sometimes I just want to cover them up and it makes me feel better! Not everyone has flaws that you are 100% confident with embracing, such as freckles. When I look at my dark circles, uneven skin tone, pigmentation around the cheekbones, acne scarring and occasionally congested skin, I don’t think ‘I’m going to embrace you guys today and it’s going to make me feel great’. If anything, it makes me feel worse. So as much as I support people embracing their flaws, I’m also realistic in the fact that sometimes covering them up does make me feel better. So if you’re on the same page as me then head to this video where you can watch my tutorial on how I cover my own flaws.