Overnight beauty with Shiseido

I’ve always thought of Shiseido as being one of the leading skincare brands. Not only because of the Eastern traditions and philosophies that they embody but also because of the Western science and technology that they have built and grown their foundation upon.

I have been using the IBUKI Beauty Sleeping Mask and thankfully it’s one of those products that gives you overnight results!

What is it? IBUKI Beauty Sleeping Mask in a gel texture.

What is inside and what does it do? Condensed vitamin E and C capsules.The leave on gel mask encourages the production of cellular energy that is perfect for healthy looking skin and gives your skin a boost when naturally repairing during sleep. The gel improves natural moisture production, re-energises and revitalises the skin. Gently fragranced with a relaxing aromachology scent to promote sleep this amazing mask leaves your skin looking healthy and glowing even after a night of inadequate sleep.

What do I say? It does exactly what it says it does. I love that you don’t have to wear this mask every night or for a prolonged period of time in order for you to see results. I smother my face with it when I know I have an early start and have got to bed late and I love how it makes my skin feel in the morning. It is perfectly prepped for make up even after lack of sleep!