As you guys may already know, Im a professional makeup artist however I also offer hairstyling to my clients – I don’t offer this independently, it’s just as an add on with makeup. My styles are generally very relaxed and ‘undone’. I don’t like or offer the perfectly preened hairstyles as I like the style to look a bit ‘lived in’ and soft. So when it comes to hair products I also prefer products that offer a helping a hand to achieve a softer finish. Ouai offer just that. I’ve been using some of the products from the range for a while now and I wanted to wait to blog about them so that I had a bit more experience in using them rather than rave about how good they are before I’ve even used them.

This type of hair line was long overdue! It’s generally a much easier line to pick from. If you know what you want to create as a stylist or even for self use then it’s easier to allocate the best product within the range.

I’ve used the following and these are my thoughts after using them on numerous clients and myself.

  • WAVE SPRAY – Perfect for ‘undone’ waves. You need to spray this around 10inches away from hair otherwise you’ll be left with a slight crispy finish. I find it works well if you spray onto dry or damp hair and then grab sections of hair and rub between fingers to ‘spruce’ up.
  • MEMORY MIST – I like this little bottle of magic so much because it protects hair as well as locking in the style. You basically spray it over damp or dry hair and it’s activated with heat. So when you blowdry your hair or use heat styling products it protects the hair up to 450 degrees too. I find my blowdry styles last longer with this.
  • TEXTURISING HAIRSPRAY – This is my go-to for ‘just got out of bed’ hair. It’s in between a hairspray and dry shampoo. It adds some serious texture to hair so it’s not for those sleek styles. You spray it into dry roots and scrunch or flip hair for volume and oomph.

Ouai_Wave Spray - AED 56_50MLOuai_Memory MistOuai_Texturizing Hair Spray - AED 120

Ouai also have some amazing kits put together which are perfect for gifts.

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