Parisian skincare brand NUXE has just launched a new anti aging line that helps to reveal younger skin with radiance and is suitable for all skin types.  SIDE NOTE: I’m already a huge fan of the Shimmering Dry Oil – you really need to check it out because it’s like bronze diamonds all over your skin! It’s so important to look after your skin and even more important to start at a young age. Most people think you don’t need to start using eye creams until you see the lines but I can’t stress enough that it’s about ‘preventing’ these lines, therefore start preventing ‘before’ you see the lines! So when you hear anti aging and you’re still in your 20’s, don’t think it’s not for you…because it’s perfect for you!

There are 3 products in the Nuxellence range and two of them I’m pretty excited about trying – I think you will understand why when you read my summary below!

Nuxellence Eclat A light texture that is quickly absorbed for face and neck. If you suffer from dry skin then you can use this before your usual moisturizer. It contains extracts of Passion Flower and Hyaluronic Acid to target the core of skin cells so that they maintain optimum energy levels. Due to the pigment correctors in the fluid it helps to give the skin an illuminated glow.

Nuxellence Eye Contour With Passion Flower and Hyaloronic Acid it smoothes and illuminates the eye area. It has a decongesting massage applicator which helps to cool and sooth the eye area. Eyes look less tired and more radiantly youthful.

Nuxellence Detox This anti aging night cream can be used alone or under your usual moisturizer. Whilst you sleep it recharges the skin by repairing mitochondrial DNA and detoxifies the skin cells. You will wake up with skin that looks as though you’ve had an extra 2 hours of sleep!!!