New Nuit Kajal

If Sephora could raise their make up game any more then this is it right here. I’m already impressed with how they set themselves as a real contender in targeted skincare and (my favourite PRO range) make up up brushes but they are now set to be responsible for the most sultry and mysterious eyes. Sephora Nuit Kajal is the newest addition to the ever growing make up line and it’s AMAZING! Four sultry shades of soft Kajal pencils in Fascinating Black, Attractive Blue, Charming Brown and Enchanting Beige. I have just received the exclusive beauty creation by Sephora Middle East and it’s set to launch here in Dubai October 2016 followed by a worldwide release.

The soft texture makes it perfect for a sultry smokey lash line for the day using Charming Brown or for extra drama a smokey cat eye using Fascinating Black. Enchanting Beige is perfect open up your eyes by applying it to the waterline or inner corners. Attractive Blue can be work alone for a vibrant smokey eye or even add the black very close to the lash line transitioning into the blue. Whatever you create…your eyes are set to be smokin hot!

Priced at AED 69/ QAR 68/ SAR 70/ BAH 7.1/ KWT 5.50