Ok so I’ve already blogged and reviewed the first set of Matte and Metal Melted eyeshadows from Huda Beauty but here we have some new additions that I’m loving! If you’re like me then you probably won’t wear some of these eyeshadow shades but these are actually pretty versatile. You don’t have to use them as full on eyeshadows. The matte shades are perfect as eyeliner and if you’ve watched my Instagram stories then you will know they are also waterproof too. I’ve been using the Matte and Metal Melted shadows on some of my bridal clients (shades like Double pump latte and Drop top are so popular with my clients) and they love them.

These are so easy to use too; you may have seen the Huda Beauty challenge on her Instagram recently where she challenged her followers to apply the eyeshadow duo on the go to show just how easy they are to apply. They really are super easy to apply! Glide the matte shadow over the lid and use your finger to pat it in to blend the edges then put one dab of the metal shadow on the center of the lid and dab in place a few times to give you the halo eyeshadow look.