I had a sit down chat with Hector Espinal (Rihanna’s personal makeup artist) and he went through the new product launches with me. As we’re both makeup artists, we both understand the annoying parts of our jobs such as when you use a setting spray and the droplets leave obvious marks on the face thus ruining your base!

Well when it came to formulating the new ‘What It Dew’ face mist by Fenty Beauty, they made sure this wouldn’t be a problem. That’s another reason I love the brand – Rihanna sit’s with her pro makeup artists to discuss the products so she can also listen to their advice and opinions. The spray leaves a healthy glow to the face whilst refreshing the skin and no matter what angle you spray from, you just won’t see any unwanted droplets on your skin!

Another new release is the Gloss Bomb in three new shades; Hot Chocolit, Sweet Mouth and Glass Slipper. I think the one I’m most excited about is Glass Slipper. It’s a clear and clean gloss which although pretty simple, it’s pretty difficult to find. As a makeup artist, we’re always in need of a clear gloss for shoots and funnily it’s hard to find! The gloss shades are all wearable, even the dark chocolate shade!