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New editorial…thoughts?

Hi ladies,

Sorry I haven’t been blogging for a while but the Make Up Masterclass workshops we’re running have been hectic and over the last few weeks I also lost my grandmother whom I was very close to and grew up living with her. Losing someone so close to you is the most difficult experience I’ve ever dealt with and just when you think your getting back on track you end up taking 10 steps back to the grief. Well, I’ve been non stop teaching my Make Up classes so I’ve been keeping myself super busy with my work and it helps to keep my mind occupied through this time.

On another note, I thought I’d share my most recent Editorial which is in the current issue of Asian Woman Magazine issue 48 (Priya Kalidas on front cover). I hope you like it, and I would really really appreciate your thoughts/feedback on it. Did my step by step help you? Was I clear enough and were my steps easy to follow? and most importantly…what do you think of the looks I have created? I look forward to reading your reviews… 🙂

Love as always….

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