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Underwater Shoot in Dubai

I’ve been wanting to do an underwater shoot for quite some time now and thankfully a Dubai based photographer friend was available on the given dates and so was my model friend Rosena, all jewellery for indoor shots were supplied by my  amazing aunt Sam Ubhi. This part of the day was when I managed to catch some sun at the pool whilst Rosena and Russ were busy shooting underwater.

We did the water shoot in the first part of the day so we could get the sun at its highest then moved back to the Bonnington Lake Tower Hotel to finish off with some indoor shots. One thing I learnt during the underwater shoot was that you have to be so patient…being the make up artist and art directing the shoot I had to sit tight and hope all was going well underwater. I had no idea what was happening down there….but I guess that all adds to the excitement of trying something new. Rosena was great and hat’s off to her as I could see how difficult it was to be underwater and yet model as if your out of water. I’ve been so excited yet nervous to see these images, as I wasn’t sure how the underwater ones would turn out….but I’m so thrilled at the results! I’ve got a sneak peek below…with a couple of behind the scene’s thrown in. I’ll come back soon with the final chosen images, but in the meantime I would love to hear your thoughts on these…..
Rosena and Russ underwater..
I took this with my camera whilst we were shooting, this was on the rooftop of our Hotel…I loved the view and thought Rosena standing on the Glass table would work well with the back drop. She could see down to the very ground floor through the  glass table!

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