I wanted to wait until I returned back home in Dubai before blogging about my stay at the Shangri La Delhi… and I’m so glad I did. I don’t think I would have been able to give a thorough review of thoughts if I had blogged during my stay. It’s been over a week since we returned from our trip and ever since I have been reminiscing. I actually really miss staying at the Shangri La. I don’t know exactly what it was or whether it was generally experiencing a city for the first time with my Husband, but I do know that the Shangri La New Delhi made us feel like we had been there so many times before.

My husband and I have eaten at an indian restaurant since our trip and without naming them I have to say I haven’t quite had indian food like the indian food in the Shangri La New Delhi. There is no comparison! Being an Influencer and Make Up Artist my job takes me all over the world and even when I am at home in Dubai, Bobby and I still eat out quite a bit due to the nature of our work. We don’t complain though because we love food! We’re always on the hunt for the best Steak house or dessert in Dubai.

When we checked in to the Shangri La New Delhi we were already impressed with the interior and I loved how warm the ambience was. The rooms were modern and had all the trimmings that I need and like. The restaurants within the hotel are what really left an impression with me.

Upon arriving at the hotel we were starving so headed for SORRENTO an authentic and traditional Italian restaurant. We had the most amazing dish and it certainly whet our appetite for the rest of the trip. The wood oven roasted whole sea bass, squash with parmesan chilli butter, olive oil whipped potatoes and Sicilian tomato sauce was AMAZING! Chef Luigi Ferraro is responsible for the impeccable dishes served at Sorrento and I would highly recommend this for all Italian cuisine lovers.

We also had an impressive meal at SHANG PALACE and the surroundings were just as impressive. Shang Palace offers a blend of Sichuan to Cantonese to the flavorsome cuisine of Yunnan. The food was delectable, from start to finish. This place is the perfect place to experience the art of Chinese fine dining.

Every morning we started the day off with Breakfast at TAMRA which is their multi-cuisine restaurant offering the best of buffet. Copper vessels and wooden rolling pins adorned the restaurant in various architectural designs. I’ll be honest…I didn’t stop at coffee and a full egg breakfast. I think we must have had a three course breakfast each day and all because the food was just so delicious. We wanted to try out all the traditionally cultural breakfasts. Although I did finish off each morning with pancakes and I noticed throughout the week that they were being given to me shaped as disney characters.  I didn’t mind…in fact it actually took me back to my childhood when having shaped pancakes were at the top of my wish list. Needless to say my wish list now consists of things like Chanel. I definitely miss the breakfasts at this place.

Now I love street food and I knew it wasn’t a good idea to try street food in India so I was excited when I came across MISTER CHAI within the hotel. The word ‘Delhi Belly’ exists for a reason and derives from actual street food so at least I could trust the food would be ok to eat in a five star hotel. I have honestly never had samosa’s like this before. Butter Chicken Samosa, Chilli Cheese Samosa and Punjabi Samosa – all were polished off nicely with a traditional cup of Karak Chai.

All I can say is that we loved our recent trip to India and I’m happy to say we’ll be back there very soon…