My Top High-End Beauty Brands

With so many high end Beauty brands around it’s difficult to pick which ones you should invest in. It’s even more difficult to figure out which ones are genuinely high quality and not just about the label on the packaging. I’m all for budget brands if the quality is great but there are definitely some high end brands that you won’t find dupes of and even if you do, the quality just doesn’t match it. I’ve come across some very high end fashion brands that have ventured into Beauty and after trying some of them I’ve been so disappointed; the packaging on one particular high end brand (I won’t name them) is disastrous and well..I was shocked that the actual makeup was such bad quality. You would expect more based on the price point but it seems some brands think the name will sell the Beauty line – some should really just stick to fashion! Now I’m not saying every single product from the below brands are amazing but I’ve picked the ones that I have personally tried and would highly recommend them.

TOM FORD – This is one of my favourite high end brands and the quality (in every aspect) never disappoints. So let’s talk about the obvious; the packaging is screams high end and being a loyal Tom Ford Beauty customer since its initial launch I can vouch for the quality. Even some of my oldest Tom Ford beauty buys still look stunning and I’ve never had a problem with the functioning or packaging falling apart etc. When it comes to the actual makeup and skincare, you can tell they have put thought into the products and shades available. The quality of the makeup and skincare is one of the best I’ve tried. My personal favourites are the shade and illuminate contour cream palette; it blends in perfectly and you only need a small amount to sculpt the face. The defining pen eyeliner is my ultimate favourite liquid liner ever that is so easy to apply and lasts for hours and hours; its a dual ended liner with a slightly longer flexible brush on one end and a shorter yet firmer tip on the other end.

YSL – One of my all time favourite mascara’s is from YSL and it has been for years. The volumizing mascara literally does it all without the clumps and lengthens each lash with perfect separation. Plus it doesn’t dry out as quick as other mascaras I’ve tried. Another product I use daily is the Tatouage couture lip tint in Nude; it’s just the perfect daytime lip colour that weirdly doesn’t look like you’re wearing anything on the lips but gives you this natural flesh tint which is also hydrating. The packaging is definitely high end and feels expensive so you won’t be disappointed.

CHANEL – When it comes to Chanel Beauty, I’d recommend the skincare over the makeup. This is not because I don’t like the makeup but mainly because I’ve tried more of the skincare. The only makeup I’ve tried from Chanel are the lipsticks which are great if you’re looking for a classic shade that’s also high quality. The lip balm from Chanel is just amazing. I’m a sucker for Chanel packaging (also bags, shoes and jewellery!), it’s just so simplistic and clean. The sensitive skin cream is great if your skin is feeling delicate and it’s so light on the skin so you don’t feel like there’s a layer of cream on your face. I also love the La Creme Main which is for hands; the oval packaging is genius for keeping in your bag on the go and it doesn’t leave a greasy feeling.