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Treatment: AlphaSphere Deluxe Sensory Experience

What is it: A unique sensory experience that induces deep relaxation similar to the expansive state reached during deep meditation. A sensory holistic experience where you perceive unique sounds, lights, colours, scents, warmth and gentle vibrations.

Ambience: Whimsical and enchanting are the obvious words that come to mind. You really feel like you’ve stepped into another world once you enter the treatment room. A pair of futuristic floating beds enveloped by slathers of pearly material make up the room ready to take you on a sensory journey.

Experience: I honestly didn’t know what to expect but I found it oddly liberating. When you arrive you can choose from four different programmes ranging from basic Blue which is balancing and calming, sensitive Violet which is gentle and inspiring, intense Red which is for strong, sensory impressions and energy Orange which is activating and revitalising. I opted for intense Red based on how I was feeling at that time. The treatment lasts for 25 minutes and once I lay down on the bed I was left on my own to experience the treatment. I felt as though I was very aware of what was going on around me during the treatment however, when the therapist returned after the 25 minutes I was in shock as I honestly felt like I was only in there for 5 minutes. This just shows how deeply meditated I really was! I felt very content, happy and fulfilled after. I would definitely recommend this to anyone wanting to experience something new and worthwhile.

Cost: 225 AED

AlphaSphere_DELUXE Talise Spa Madinat Jumeirah

Treatment: PANPURI Soothing Body Polish Experience

What is it: A 60 minute body scrub combined with light massage to leave your skin smooth, rested and glowing with the use of PANPURI organic oils, gentle scrub and nourishing cream from the classic collection of Coconut, Bamboo and Vanilla.

Ambience: A classic treatment room with warmth and natural furnishings and very spacious. As well as the ambience in the room you really must venture outside to absorb the beauty and serene atmosphere. I was blown away by the tranquility of the outdoors behind the spa.

Experience: I liked the fact there was a connecting shower room which was very spacious and consisted of the classic overhead rainfall shower. One of the little things I noticed (which to be fair makes all the difference) was the face hole in the massage bed. It was perfect, no leather sides to it and so soft on the face. Sometimes I feel spa’s don’t think of these little things enough but Talise Spa has it covered. The scrub was very relaxing which I didn’t think it would be seeing as it’s a body scrub treatment. So I was pleasantly surprised with the technique. The scent from the PANPURI scrub and cream was delicious and felt amazing on my skin. My therapist was an absolute delight and originally from Thailand so she was naturally a huge PANPURI fan as it originates from Thailand. I would definitely return for another treatment and explore other services they offer.

Recommended therapist: Nalinas

Cost: 495 AED

body exfoliator

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