So I had the opportunity to meet one of my all time hair colorist icons! He was visiting Dubai to do a meet and greet at Beauty World Middle East. If you don’t know about Guy Tang…then where have you been?! He is the master of color transformations and makes any color look good on you. His blending and balayage technique is unparalleled and well…he’s basically the best in the business.

I attended his VIP press conference at Beauty World Middle East and after hearing his story and his opinion on various beauty related topics, I have to say, he’s a very down to earth, grounded person. He was humble in every way and the kind of best friend every girl wants.

Having blonde hair (my virgin hair is Black) and living in Dubai, I know how hard it is to find a good colorist! If you find someone who delivers good results then they usually lack finesse and a good overall salon experience and if you find a good salon experience then the results just don’t live up to my standards. It’s rare I find anyone who can give me exactly what I want…or hair color that lasts longer than 2 weeks. You’ve guessed my dream…Guy Tang to do my hair! That would be a dream come true! Guy mentioned during his press conference how he was shocked at how hot the hair dryers were here. In the US, the hair dryers are much cooler so don’t burn your hair and thus your color lasts longer and hair isn’t as easily damaged.

During his press conference he talked about his brand #MyDentity which is a collection featuring an assortment of pre-blended, customized color. I can’t wait for these to launch in Dubai…now it’s just about finding the right colorist!

Guy Tang Dubai #mydentity

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