I usually prefer a matte finish when it comes to eyeshadows but recently I’ve been loving high impact shimmer or glitter. I think it may have something to do with the fact we’ve been stuck indoors for so long so even a bit of glitter makes me feel like I’ve dressed up! I received the press pack for the Marc Jacobs Extravagance collection recently and I fell in love with the eyeshadows and pencils. I’ve always loved how sleek and chic the Marc Jacobs packaging looks – it’s exactly the type of palette you want to leave out on display. Although the Extravagance collection is high impact shimmer and glitter, they’ve balanced it out well by using low impact shades such as Olive. There are a few matte shades thrown in but the glitter shades are what stands out with this palette.

If you love pencil liners then you would already know that Marc Jacobs do the best gel pencil liners on the market. They blend easily, amazing pigment, waterproof and stay put no matter what you get up do. The new collection also introduces new glitter shades in the highliners which are perfect for a sparkly eyeliner or even a smudged lash line.

Marc Jacobs Extravagance collection – Nina Ubhi beauty blog
Marc Jacobs Extravagance collection highliner swatches – Nina Ubhi beauty blog