Magic Foundation

My make up routine generally tends to stay the same but I do like to switch up certain products every so often to see the difference. If I don’t like it then I just go back to something that’s always worked. I alternate my foundation brand quite a bit although I still have my trusted favourites.

I’ve been following Charlotte Tilbury for as long as I can remember, way before she launched her cosmetic line when the average person didn’t know who she was. I love her website, it’s informative, visual and you get all the real information that you want from it about the products. I especially like how each foundation shade has a picture of someone to assist you in the colour selection. It’s amazing how much this actually helps. Ironically, I hate going into stores to shop for make up. I usually know what I want and through my vast experience as a make up artist I generally pick the right products without having to go in store. Foundations are a difficult one. It’s hard for anyone to buy the right shade online without seeing the product first hand. This is the first time I’ve ordered a foundation online and got the shade perfect. My shade is number 9.

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation £29.50

The consistency is great, fluid but it still has substance. The colours are just what I’ve always wanted, warmth and a honey finish rather than yellow or pink undertones peeking through. It definitely gives you a healthy glow. I apply mine with my Beauty Blender and sometimes use my Marc Jacobs The Face II brush depending on how much time I have. The only thing I would change is the packaging. It’s a glass bottle with a gold lid that doesn’t always sit in place. If like me you travel a lot then you must clingfilm wrap it to avoid it leaking. Once the pump stops working you can open it up to get the last of the foundation out which is quite a lot to be fair.

The coverage is ok and it’s build-able. One coat won’t really cover any blemishes or pigmentation but it will give you a really lovely wash of colour. Overall a good product and I would probably use this when I need more of a glow.

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