I recently held my first press event to launch a series of Make Up Workshops and Seminars I will be holding from January. MAC cosmetics were my products sponsors for this particular class and I had an amazing time meeting with the MAC team to go through the look I would be creating. They gifted me with an amazing beauty box full of all of the Liptensity shades and they are AMAZING!

The story behind Liptensity is quite extraordinary. A lady named Maureen Seaburg approached the head of MAC cosmetics to share an amazing ability she had. She has something called Tetrachromacy. Tetrachromats can see colors that most people cannot. Up to 100 million, which is 100 times that of the average human. Most people have three receptors in their retinas, however tetrachomats have a fourth receptor, which may be what allows for their heightened color perception. Maureen has the genetic ability to see up to 100 million hues imperceptible to the average naked eye.

MAC cosmetics have created a spectrum of 24 lip shades with the expertise of Maureen Seaburg. I’m in love with the shades and it’s so refreshing to see such an array of shades within shades.

Available at MAC stores worldwide.