Jo Malone – Velvet Rose & Oud

Anyone who knows me personally will know how much I love Oud. Basic fragrances just don’t cut it for me anymore. They all seem so watered down in comparison. It’s hard to find the perfect Oud fragrance that doesn’t blend you in with everyone else here in Dubai. My favourite for a very long time has been Jo Malone Velvet Rose & Oud Cologne Intense. It has a rich, smokey Oud wood note with a hint of clove. I wear it all the time and it’s a hefty bottle so lasts a while considering I’m the girl that sprays it everywhere…hair, body and all the pulse points. The candle is to die for! It comes with the signature Jo Malone large matches and the candle fills your home with the subtle scent.


Velvet Rose & Oud Cologne Intense is available in a 100ml cologne £105, Velvet Rose & Oud Home Candle £50 and Velvet Rose & Oud Dry Body Oil £50. I’ve noticed the pricing varies from store to store in Dubai so it’s best to go into one of their boutiques here in Dubai and check out the pricing. You can find a Jo Malone boutique in Dubai Mall First Floor, Mall Of Emirates Ground Floor, Dubai Festival City and Mirdiff City Center Mall Ground Floor. In London Jo Malone are pretty much found in most major malls.

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