So I love food and so does my husband which is great but not great. Great because we enjoy the same things but not great because we’re both as bad as each other when it comes to limiting our cheat days!

One place we came across recently is Walnut Grove in Dubai Mall. We’ve been to the City Walk branch but this new branch is like it’s been given a brand new makeover in every aspect. The City Walk branch just didn’t have the same atmosphere as the Dubai Mall branch does. But the food is insane! If you’re looking for guilt free food then this is perfect. They have main dishes which have the perfect balance of healthy yet wholesome food with some not so guilt free options like my favorite shake; Nutella and Ferrero Rocher shake. It’s a meal on it’s own so be careful when you order!

The Chicken Caesar salad and Carrot cake is a must but I would go hungry and prepped for some amazing ‘Instafood’ content!