How to find your beauty style

Trying to find your style in general can be difficult so I’ll help you figure out how to find your ‘Beauty’ style. It can be quite daunting when Beauty brands are constantly coming out with new products and trends, so without looking like you’re changing your face every week lets look at how to find a style that compliments your personality, enhances your best features and still be able to add Beauty trends to your look.

Enhancing your features – What facial features or flaws are you most proud of? These are the features you should start emphasizing. So if you have freckles or even sun spots like me and you don’t want to necessarily hide them but you do want to enhance them then think about how you can show them off. For example, I want a clean flawless base but as I’ve aged I’ve become comfortable with some of my flaws like sun spots, so if I see them disappear after my base application, I use a medium brown brow pencil and dot onto my natural sun spots (which for me are mainly on my nose area). Understanding your facial structure is so important in figuring out your Beauty style and this doesn’t necessarily stop because as you age your facial structure is also changing so in your 20’s it may be your flawless skin but in your 30’s it may be your freckles.

Enhance your freckles! Nina’s Beauty Blog

Sometimes less is more – Over the years I’ve noticed that when I wear a full face of makeup people tend to comment on how flawless my makeup is and how they love the look I’ve created however when I’m wearing barely there makeup I get more comments like ‘oh you’re so pretty’. Funny right? We wear makeup to look better yet when you don’t wear as much you get comments about being pretty. Don’t get me wrong – I look like trash some days when I opt for barely there makeup and rather than pretty I just look tired and well, feel kind of ugly. It really depends on how well you master the ‘barely there’ look and it takes practice. We all have those days and I’m not saying your barely there makeup will always work but I’m sure you’ve heard many makeup artists say that the ‘barely there’ look requires (sometimes) just as much work as a full glam look. We’ll all have a different style of ‘barely there’ makeup and this really pairs up with understanding your features. If you know your best feature is your eyes then opt for a light to medium coverage foundation or even just concealer on the areas you want to conceal and then shape your brows and add a killer mascara and lip balm.

Hailey Bieber perfects the barely there look – Nina’s Beauty Blog

Framing your face with brows – This is one of the most important features on anyone for me. If you have a tinted moisturiser on and nothing else but your brows done, you can still look great. If you have sparse brows and don’t feel comfortable with shading them in everyday then think about Microblading or Nanoblading so that you don’t have to worry about filling them in. If you have overly thick brows and they already stand out then don’t do anything to them and focus on your eyes or lips to take the attention away.

Lily Collins mastered the brow game – Nina’s Beauty Blog

How do you dress? I’m a firm believer in never matching your makeup with your clothes, however how you dress plays a role in figuring out your Beauty style. For example, I’m pretty understated in my clothing, I like simple clothing that doesn’t look too fussy, is comfortable yet stylish and I also prefer neutral tones; Beige and light colors. So I keep the colors I use on my eyes neutral and mostly wear lip balm with some barely there lip liner and sometimes add a bit of blush if I’m feeling washed out. Although this doesn’t ‘match’ my clothing, it still compliments the colors and my style. If you like wearing colourful clothing then find shades to compliment those colors without literally matching the exact colors. For example, if you’re wearing Pink then go for a soft Mauve shade for the lips or eyes rather than an actual Pink.

Makeup to compliment your clothes – Nina’s Beauty Blog

I hope this helps and any questions then don’t forget to comment!

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