I had the pleasure of being invited to the Dyson Supersonic launch the other day and I’m glad I went! Everyone seems to be talking about the new Dyson Supersonic and I honestly didn’t know much about it other than the fact it looked so much better than the usual hairdryer. Apart from the fact that Dyson put on an impressive event, they also had their chief engineer from the UK on stage telling us all about the new product. I usually feel bored when the tech part kicks in on speeches but he kept everyone engaged and probably one of the best I’ve heard when it comes to making the technical part so easy to understand. After his 5 minute talk I was sold and I hadn’t even held the Dyson Supersonic yet.

Being in the Beauty industry means I’m always looking for the next best hair tool or beauty product. I blow dry my own hair every couple of days and because I have a bob cut I have to spend time giving it a sleek finish. I currently use an industry leader when it comes to hairdryers. It does an amazing job and it claims to reduce drying time and less damage on the hair…and it does what it says. So what’s lacking from it if it does such a great job? Well, firstly, it’s not exactly compact and the medium heat setting doesn’t seem much cooler than the high setting which has worried me for a while. I also dye my hair blonde so my hair is already damaged from coloring and living in Dubai means the heat plays havoc on my hair.

There are several reasons the Dyson Supersonic has earned it’s place in my beauty room.

  • The Dyson Supersonic is super light weighing in at 1.8 lb
  • The motor is in the handle meaning theres even weight distribution.
  • Air temperature is measured 20 times every second to ensure temperature is kept under control.
  • It reduces static hair.
  • It won’t burn my hair when blowdrying it straight.
  • It looks so cool!

When at the event I also bumped into the talented Jen Atkin!